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Problem fixed last night, they got on ok :sick:
I have replied
sioriwish is havin exactly the same problem as me . he getting the same message as i am
i posted a pic in the bug / problems part of forum
Amit whats the error message you are getting up
You do not have access to shout

Donate for Fly!

[Admin] PeaceKeeper a posted 22 hours ago
We now have Fly for those who want to fly around.  It's $5 for 5 days so get it now to build those high rise buildings you always wanted to build without the dirt scaffolding!

We have a Christmas Sale on folks - 15% off everything in the Donation Store - Web Points not included sorry.

Get your Discounted Ranks, Items and Money while it lasts!

Another competition for you avid builders :)  This time you can use the Creative server to make your Xmas creations.

Doesn't matter if it's a Snowman, Santa Claus, or an Xmas Scene, as long as it has a Christmas theme to it, it can be entered.  It will start today and judging will be on the 25th December.


You can't have a competition without prizes, so here is a list of what you could win:

1st Prize - God Armour
2nd Prize - God Tools
3rd Prize - Beacon

Runners Up

3 Runner ups will receive 10k Cash in Towny.

Picture kindly provided to us by Sioriwish.

Secret Santa

[Admin] PeaceKeeper a posted Dec 9, 14  -  DS9DS9ClanDSMine
Siroriwish has done a fantastic job of building an Xmas tree with presents underneath for everyone.  She will be mailing everyone soon with names of who they give presents to.  If you don't think you are on the list, please mail her in game and let her know you want to be involved :)

DERPtheCREEPER It's a shame the Legion couldn't host this one. However, I do like this tree and the fact it's still going to happen. Ma ...

FFA Arena

[Admin] PeaceKeeper a posted Dec 8, 14
DS9Stronghold has kindly built us an FFA Arena for all you PvP hungry people out there.  There is four biomes to fight your way through, plus a labyrinth of passages underground to lose your opponents or to surprise attack them.

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