Hard Towny

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF posted Jul 5, 17

Ok folks, as players didnt want the old towny being reset, I've listened to them and it shall remain up and running :)  The Runined Wilds however wasn't as popular as we would have liked it to be so we have now turned it into Hard Towny. Yes I know we have had that before, but this time we have a few new things on it.

We have a Fishing Competition that starts every two hours, good money prizes to be won. All you have to do is whip out your fishing rod, where ever you are and start fishing for money. Whoever gets the biggest fish wins money prizes.

Towny prices are up, just go onto the server and type /towny prices to see the prices of towns, nations and upkeep per day.

We have /shop I just have to sort the prices out in there to bear with us while we get it sorted.

There are a couple of other things that we want on the server but some things need updating so bear with us :)

While the Ruined Wilds server is being revamped, we have another one which we are playing on at the moment. Type /server lobby to get to it. There is no towny, no locked chests/doors/signs, no money, no ranks. Mobs from Ruined Wilds are on there, so have fun :)

Server Revamp

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF posted Mar 25, 17

Ruined wilds has gone stale very quickly, mainly because it was rushed to try and peak the interest of our users. So now we are going to plan out a new server, still using the the Epic Landscape Generator. I don't know how long this will take, but for now I will keep you updated on this news feed :)

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