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Mob Arena

[Admin] PeaceKeeper a posted Tue at 22:51

Mob Arena is now open for testing - please post on the bugs board if you there are any problems :)

Well it's finally done :)  Starfighter has upgraded the towny server to 1.8.  This means that you can all finally access all the new materials, animals and ores to your heart's content.

If you have any problems with anything, please feel free to post on the forums :)
We have created all the mines and their contents and created the warps.  Left to do now is the shop signs in the mines, respective of the ores you can mine, I have had to redo the shop signs again in the shop as the economy was a little messed up.  We have got prison cells that you can rent out - 3 days for $3000.  When the time is up, anyone else can claim your cell.  The good news is you can buy the 3 days at a time, so if you know you are going to be away for a little while, your items will be safe.

The Ranks need doing as well, and setting the permissions for those ranks to mine in the ranked mines.

If you need me at all, post on the shout box, or mail me in game if its not too urgent :)

1.8 Update

[Admin] PeaceKeeper a posted Jan 14, 15
We have upgraded Creative, Skyblock and Prison (even though we haven't finished the Prison server yet) to 1.8.  Towny has been left until last as there are several plugins that were made by Lolboy that need upgrading to 1.8, so I will try and get that moving along as quickly as possible.  

Nearly there folks!
This is what has been done so far - the spawn, shop, tree farm, main mine and furnace rooms have been completed.  26 mining areas have been made and just doing the finishing touches of adding the mine ores to them. Then the Ranks will be made and permissions for each mine done, then the warps will be made to where they are needed.

I still cannot give an exact date on when it will be up but it will be sometime this week.