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We now have a Sky Wars, the warp sign is at spawn. 

[GMod] OoMattoO STAFFV.I.P Fun ...

Towny PvP

[Owner] PeaceKeeper aSTAFFo posted May 25, 15  -  DS9ClanDSMinePvP

I did a poll on whether or not pvp should be forced in Towns, and there were a lot of people for it, but also people who were against it. So, as the Skyblock wasn't being used much, we decided to use it to create another Towny server but where pvp is forced in towns. 

The only rule in that server is No Griefing. 

There is McMMO, Market Listing, Auctions and Ontime where you rank up from Outcast to Survivor. 

Let the killing commence :)

[GMod] SgtZ STAFFDIAMONDVIP Glad u did a server dedicated to this, im not much into pvp. ...
[Owner] PeaceKeeper aSTAFFo Just type /server survival

DSMine Hall of Fame

[Owner] PeaceKeeper aSTAFFo posted May 24, 15  -  DS9DS9clanDSMineMinecraftTowny

I have finally decided how I'm going to fill the place up - one side will be dedicated to Server Staff and the other side will be dedicated to those who have donated to the server.  You can get to it by walking behing the pillars in spawn by walking forwards and you will see the signs for it.  Enjoy :)

[CMod] STRiCKeR_BLaCK STAFFVIP+ Awesome can't wait to see it

Vulcan World

[Owner] PeaceKeeper aSTAFFo posted May 18, 15  -  ds9clandsmineminecraftvanilla

We have a new world called Vulcan and it's a totally Vanilla world. No plugins, no towny, no chest locking, just pure, unadulterated Minecraft in its rawest form :) The only rule we have is no griefing, other than that let the raiding and killing commence :)

[M] superpotroast LAPISVIP Yay for Vanilla!..

Added Plugins

[Owner] PeaceKeeper aSTAFFo posted May 14, 15  -  ds9clands9peacekeeperdsmineminecraftplugins

DS9starfighter has added some plugins, and I will do a more informative post on the forums about the commands you can use and how to use the plugin. Below is just a brief list on what we have at the moment:

  • Thirst - as well as having to feed yourself, you now have to drink to quench your thirst
  • Virtual Bag - carry 3 chest loads of items as well as your inventory
  • Market - if you don't want to use the auctions you can use this to sell your items at your own leisure
  • Auctions - for quick selling items you want to get rid of in a hurry
  • Mail - mail system to send mail to your friends on and offline
  • Fedex for pets - send pets through the mail to your friends and also teleport your pets to you when you TP
  • Jobs - earn money for doing what you love the most as well as XP
  • McMMO - get skills and bonuses for mining, woodcutting, etc
  • Towny prison - jail your enemies in your town and get them to pay you to be released
  • Lottery - gamble your hard earnt cash away by buying tickets on the Lottery in game

Have fun :)

[Owner] PeaceKeeper aSTAFFo I'll explain in the forums Stricker when I get the commands, but as far as I understood it, it was for PvP as well when ...
[CMod] STRiCKeR_BLaCK STAFFVIP+ Oh its only for residents?
[GMod] SgtZ STAFFDIAMONDVIP Stricker, would u like to join ny town? Muahahaha lol