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Congratulations to the following Top Monthly Voters who win Vouchers to spend in our Donation shop :)

First - diaster4lyfe - $15 Voucher

Second - Casi_Harrison - $10 Voucher

Third - Stricker_Black - $5 Voucher

Thank you to all who vote to help push our Server to the top of the lists :)


[Owner] PeaceKeeper a posted Mar 16, 15

We have another new world to explore, this time you can use towny on it to make outposts or towns. It has extreme hills so you will start on a huge mountain, so be careful how you get down. 

Have fun :)


[Owner] PeaceKeeper a posted Mar 15, 15

We have a new 1.8 world called Pandora consisting of Mesa, Savannah, Desert and plains biomes.  It's the same size as the Towny world and has all the new 1.8 blocks in it. You can take your money over from towny and any items you want to take over to build, or vice vera, will post some piccies up later on :)

The warp to Pandora is in Spawn, opposite the Warp board.

Starfighter has made a Football pitch for anyone who loves playing football. Just click on the warp signs at spawn and then choose the team you want to be on - Red or Blue.  Below are some pictures of the pitch and the last one of Casi scoring a goal.

Football Pitch

Playing Football

Casi scoring a goal

DS9Starfighter has made us a Capture the Flag on the Lobby area.  To get to it, go to the Lobby, then head into one of the far corners and go through the portal :)  DS9Stronghold will hopefully build the sign so that people can see where it is.  Have fun :)