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We have people dotted around our spawn area so you can earn goodies. They refresh every now and then, so keep an eye out.

Iron Doors

You can now /lock and /unlock iron doors. As the same with normal doors, you can add players to them using the /cmodify command and you can open them with your hand - you don't need pressure plates. They are also effective again the Boss Mobs, as I found out the hard way that the Werewolves can open wooden doors and shut them...

Boss Mobs

DS9Starfighter, in his warped way of thinking, has created some Boss Mobs for you guys to try and fend off. We have Werewolves and Vampires, who will fight you as well as each other. Werewolves run pretty fast so there is no way you can out run them.  We have the Skeleton King who is an armed to the teeth Wither Skeleton with a Bow, we have the Zombie Pig King who eminates lightning which strikes animals, mobs and players alike, so be careful when getting close to him. Then we have Herobrine...

City World

We have a fun new world where City buildings have automatically been genetrated. You can claim them using /t claim outpost but be warned, there are some huge ones out there. You can take the buildings down and rebuild you own designs, of leave them as they are. I would like to remind people that the Griefing rule applies on this this world and we have ways of seeing who griefed. To get there, type /warp cityworld.

Ender Dragon

As we have had a lot of requests asking for the Ender Dragon to spawn in the End, Starfighter has obliged. You need a minimum of 3 players in the End to get one to spawn, but be warned, you need to kill it quick otherwise you will find that other Dragons will join. Some of the Dragons can drop Diamonds and Gold Nuggets when they die as well as the Xp and the Dragon egg. To get to there, type /warp theend.

[Owner] DS9Stronghold aSTAFF Can we have a mob named "Fugitive" please that one shots players Thank you The Hunt

We have 10% off everything in the Donation Store - Ranks, Items and Economy. Ends 1st January 2016.

Merry Christmas!

[M] Sassydoll V.I.P
Sassydoll @ Deep Space Mine Towny
Is there gonna be another discount week for donation store items ~?

Advent Calendar

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF posted Dec 1, 15  -  Advent CalendarXmas

It's that time of year again, and the Advent Calendar has had the dust brushed off it and brought back out into the daylight. 

It is highly recommended that you have an empty inventory before you access the chests to get your goodies. All the days will stay open until the 31st December so any new comers on the server can get their gifts from Day 1.

Please don't ask the Staff when the next day will be opened, it will be done when I go on the server and do it!!

Merry Christmas :)

Advent Calendar


[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF posted Nov 27, 15  -  Quest

If you hadn't of already noticed, we now have some NPC's scattered around spawn with quests on them. You can earn money, enchanted items and XP. Any problems, please contact PK in game :)

Black Friday Sale

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF posted Nov 27, 15  -  Black Friday

In keeping with the rest of the world, we have a Black Friday Sale with 10% off EVERYTHING! Sale ends on Sunday so you have the whole weekend for it.

Have fun!