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A Very Happy Birthday to you Stronghold :sick: Have a great day :sick:
hey ds9
nuuu i didn't get credit by voting today 8:35AM EST SOB T...T
Arenthian Secret Santa Post >
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This Halloween, we will be holding a competition for the best giant pumpkin made.  3 runners up will win prizes.

1st Place - God Armour

2nd Place - God Tools

3rd Place - Beacon

Just build the Pumpkin in your town and the post the pictures up on the Competition Board on the Forums.

The competition end on Friday 31st October at 7pm, the the Admins will judge the best Pumpkin.

Competition Results

And the Winners and runners up are as follows:

  • 1st Place - PhilSmil - God Armour
  • 2nd Place - MrSiegal - God Tools
  • 3rd Place - Jackthegamer555 - Beacon

Our 3 Runners up who win 5k are:

  • Cosmickjoy
  • LaPrinceHarry
  • Shigity_Shank

Congratulations guys and well done to all those who took part :)
[Admin] PeaceKeeper a And you are entitled to this opinion. 3 Admins judged all the pumpkin designs and we all voted on which 3 should have w ...
Me_is_Bongo I find the judging of this contest very, opinionated. As myself have looked at the pumpkins and this is also, my persona ...
LaPrinceHarry Thank you guys ...


[Admin] PeaceKeeper a posted Oct 17, 14
I think I speak for everyone when I say what a fantastic job he has done in setting the server up, sorting out the plugins, the Donation Store, Towny and any problems we have had on the server and the speed in which he has sorted them out.

As a one man band with the server side with coding and Bukkit, I would like to say  - Thank You very, very much Alex for being patient with us all when things have gone wrong and the speed in which you sorted it out :)

Also, he has worked hard on the Enjin site, getting it all set up with the votes, ranks, etc.
[VIP] Esteban369 I agree 100% all the way
TheDill59 Excellent to all the people in creating this server it is truly amazing.
[Lapis] PrunellaPounce Thanks you Awsome Alex for everything:D

New Server IP

[Admin] PeaceKeeper a posted Oct 17, 14
We have changed the server IP to so you will all need to change it from

[Admin] PeaceKeeper a Can everyone please make sure they have put this IP in for our server please? It's: Thanks ...

Donation Store

[Admin] PeaceKeeper a posted Sep 24, 14
Donation Store is ready for use :)
Server is now up and running :)

Alex is trying to replicate the same map seed so that we don't have the biome mess up and chunks missing from the map.  The spawn will be replaced along with towns that you gave us the coords too.  We ask that you be patient and we will try to get the server up and running as soon as possible :)

The server is back up while Alex is doing some background work :)
[Admin] PeaceKeeper a Server is now up and running ...
[Mod] Cedric2 Hoorah :D:D ...
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