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Ok here are the Desert competition results:

  • 1st Place: SPR with Davy Jones Locker
  • 2nd Place: Silvermoonqueen with Desert Palace
  • 3rd Place: oOMattOo with Cowboy Town

Congratulations to those winners :)

Desert Castle

For September we will have a Desert Build competition in the Creative server. You can start now, the judging will be on Wednesday 30th September.  You can build anything you want it just needs a Desert theme. DS9PeaceKeeper, DS9Starfighter and DS9Stronghold will be the judges.

Submission Rules

  • Only one person build their own entry, no others may help
  • Entry must be on one plot only
  • No asking Owners to come and see your progress, we will see it when we go to judge
  • No asking for world edit, you need to build it all yourselves
  • No changing your name during the build
  • No asking other players to come and help you, we can check blocks
  • No rude/obscene/racist structures or advertising

Anyone found to be breaking the above rules will be disqualified and their plots cleared.


1st Prize

  • Desert Armour with enchants on it
  • Desert Tools and Sword with enchants on
  • 64 Bottle 'O' Enchanting
  • $250k in game cash

2nd Prize

  • Desert Tools with enchants on
  • $200k in game cash

3rd Prize

  • $150k in game cash

Good luck :)

[M] SilverMoonQueen LAPISVIP Congrats SPR! I went and visited your plot and it was amazing!
[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF I wont ...
[CMod] superpotroast STAFFLAPISVIP
superpotroast @ Deep Space Mine To...
Don't forget to judge now..


[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF posted Jul 23, 15

As from today, since some problem players have been removed, MC2ndlife and our server are working together to help each other out. We were planning to approach OneyedRooster a while ago about this, but there was a certain wall in our way that made it impossible for us to do this.  

Fortunately, now that wall has been removed, or rather knocked down, we have now been able to make this possible :) Finally we can work together to provide a Community for all players to have fun and get together now that certain barriers are gone.  Looking forward to working with Gmedlock and Rooster :)

[M] akshayg1 I knew ok I was just making a joke. Lol you're so nice and a great leader!
[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF Gmedlock's nick on the server is Thor And I hope so too Rooster ...
[M] akshayg1 Um... It's not gmedlock. It's Thor

We now have a Sky Wars, the warp sign is at spawn. 

[SMod] OoMattoO STAFFSTAFFV.I.P Fun ...

Towny PvP

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF posted May 25, 15  -  DS9ClanDSMinePvP

I did a poll on whether or not pvp should be forced in Towns, and there were a lot of people for it, but also people who were against it. So, as the Skyblock wasn't being used much, we decided to use it to create another Towny server but where pvp is forced in towns. 

The only rule in that server is No Griefing. 

There is McMMO, Market Listing, Auctions and Ontime where you rank up from Outcast to Survivor. 

Let the killing commence :)

[B] SgtZ Banned Glad u did a server dedicated to this, im not much into pvp. ...
[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF Just type /server survival

DSMine Hall of Fame

[Owner] DS9PeaceKeeper aSTAFF posted May 24, 15  -  DS9DS9clanDSMineMinecraftTowny

I have finally decided how I'm going to fill the place up - one side will be dedicated to Server Staff and the other side will be dedicated to those who have donated to the server.  You can get to it by walking behing the pillars in spawn by walking forwards and you will see the signs for it.  Enjoy :)

[CMod] STRiCKeR_BLaCK STAFFVIP+ Awesome can't wait to see it